We value our close working relationship with all of our clients and take pride in our workmanship and professionalism. Below are a few compliments received by clients. Specific referral information is available by request to Kanan Construction.

We had the pleasure of working with Dan on an extensive remodel in a challenging location. We chose Dan because he came highly recommended by our architect and a friend who used to sub for him. His bid was competitive and had the fewest contingencies. Dan’s workmanship was excellent. We felt that he was devoted to our project throughout and was always available to us. He provided very helpful input on design issues and worked well with our architect. He was very organized, completing paperwork such as change orders promptly and thoroughly. The worksite was tidy and he was always well prepared for city inspectors. He was willing to work with eco-friendly materials, and with Habitat for Humanity, to whom we donated our old cabinets.

Dan and his crew were friendly and very considerate of our neighbors – we know this first hand as we were living across the street at the time!

If we weren’t so happy with our house already, we would definitely hire Dan again!


I have worked with Dan and his company on various renovations for many years.  They have consistently delivered quality results and provide great design suggestions.  My latest project, a master bed and bath renovation, went above and beyond my expectations.  My old, dull 70’s space is now a luxurious oasis!  The best part . . . during the project phase, I would come home from work and find a tidy house.  I’ve never seen such a conscientious crew of guys!

CLG, Pacific Palisades


We have used Dan Kanan for three major remodel and addition projects to our home in the Pacific Palisades, and are in the middle of a small one right now. Dan's bids have always been reasonable and his work timely. When you have a meeting with Dan, he is always promptly there. His subcontractors are some of the best and often times Dan is physically working on the project himself. When it comes to design and some of the finer finishing points, Dan always has great ideas and suggestions, especially how they will work with what we have planned, at least that's what my wife says. Most importantly, Dan delivers what he promises.

S.M., Pacific Palisades


I would highly recommend Dan Kanan Construction to anyone seeking a contractor who values quality workmanship.  Dan understands the importance of a construction project being well built.  I have visited sites of other contractors where it was clear that if the client didn't notice or complain, the work would stay shoddy.  But with Dan I always knew that he was looking out for my best interests and the best interests of my house.  He is personable and reliable.  He is always there when I call, even 2 years after he finished.  I know he knows what he is doing and I trust his subcontractors know what they are doing as well.  I have used Dan Kanan Construction on two houses within 5 years of each other and I would use him again in a heartbeat.  In Dan Kanan you get a trustworthy contractor and a really nice guy.

Rachel Stowell, Culver City


Our home was remodeled in 2009.  We used Dan Kanan as our contractor and had an excellent experience. Dan does what he says he will do. Period.  He is on time, his subs are on time, and everyone is professional, respectful and friendly.  When you practically live with these people for months on end, you come to appreciate both the big things and the small.

Dan found ways to save money but did not skimp on the important elements.  Especially on the workmanship behind the walls.  Our home is solid AND beautiful.  He communicated all issues and presented options and was present daily.  He also had a great way with inspectors and our architect.  There were no surprises! Dan recommended little things that have ended up making all the difference in the world as far as living comfort in our home.  He understands how families use their homes and thought of things I never would have considered.  Think electrical outlets and where the light switches should be placed.  There are so many little decisions that make a difference in the end.  He thought of everything!

Two years later and I still consider Dan my "go to" guy for minor tweaks (such as paint touch ups).  He has the best subs and I would not use anyone else, ever!

I have recommended Dan to several people and even my friends recommend him. I truly enjoyed the experience of remodeling our home.  Very few people say they would do it again, but I certainly would.  Thanks to Dan, we have a lovely home and a new friend too!

L.W., Santa Monica


Dan Kanan is by far the best contractor My husband and I have ever worked with. This is our third built from scratch house and I, in my capacity as the Business Director of a law firm, has supervised the building of offices for two law firm and three build outs of many thousands of square feet so I feel qualified to speak on this subject.

Dan stands out because he is meticulous, his attention to detail goes beyond just getting it done, he wants to get it right for the client as well. He asks all of the important questions right down to the smallest detail, details you might never have thought of but which would bother you if not done right.

He works with the very best sub-contractors who like Dan ask questions and never cut corners. One incident that may seem like a small thing but which impressed me was the way he covered our unfinished house with tarps during rainstorms thus preventing mildew. And he or someone on his crew would come by every day to make sure they were in place. Maybe not a big deal to some but the resulting problems would have been unbearable.

We love our house and thanks to Dan it feels solid and elegant at the same time.

Anne, Culver City


In November of 2007, my wife and I decided it was time to expand our Master bedroom and add a private Master bathroom. We did not have an architect, were not sure how much buildable space we had to work with and had not contacted a contractor. After talking with several friends who had recently done remodels, we decided to interview 3 local building contractors. Dan Kanan was one of them.

Because my late father was a building contractor, I had a pretty good idea of the type of contractor I wanted to do our remodel. Dan Kanan fit the bill.  Along with the 2 other contractors, Dan gave us an initial estimate of what we were looking at cost-wise to do our job. He was the only one, however, who also gave us the name of an architect to design our remodel and prepare our plans.

We ultimately selected Dan to do our job. It was the right decision for us and if we had to do it again, Kanan Construction would be our choice.

After our plans were drawn and approved by the City, Dan gave us a complete Project Plan with costs and completion dates. Each month, more frequently if necessary, he sat down with us and reviewed the job progress. If we requested Change Orders, he advised us of any additional costs and possible completion date changes.

Dan is a “Hands-On” project manager who has a great crew, excellent subcontractors and will give you a “Quality” finished product. If you are looking for a professional building contractor, my wife and I heartily recommend Kanan Construction.

Sincerely, Les Powers

Pacific Palisades


I speak from remodeling experience.  We did it extensively 3 times in the last 30 years, most recently with Dan Kanan for the home in which we still live. Since then I have been calling upon him for maintenance projects and other help.

During the Kanan remodeling, Dan was steadily and readily available, highly professional and very helpful.  For example, his management of a neighbor who was concerned about a wall between properties was masterful and better than I could have done.  Dan’s service extended beyond the usual role of a general contractor.  For example, he assisted with the selection and installation of audiovisual equipment in our home.

During the since our remodeling, Dan has been available for unexpected and for routine follow-up care of our home.  For example, when tree roots eroded into a water line while we were out of town, Dan rallied and took care of the flood for us in our absence.  He then assembled the various needed subcontractors.

Last year we considered an extensive remodeling of another home.  Dan and competing general contractors were asked for bids.  Dan’s was the most thorough, the most honest and the most realistic, albeit that the “bottom line” was somewhat higher than the competing bids.  He gave freely of good advice to us and to our architect.  Had we proceeded with the project, we would have retained Kanan Construction.

John R. Benfield, MD

Project Navigator

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